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Our car wash company covers all the bases when it comes to keeping your SUV/ Van clean and fresh. We put a premium on customer satisfaction and always strive to provide quality car care for any of the services you choose. Our full service car detailing in Bergen County, NJ will take care of your vehicle and leave it in excellent condition.

Our extensive car wash menu has something for everyone. We offer Full Service cleaning (including an interior vacuum, window cleaning, dashboard wipe, towel dry), a Silver Pack (with all the features of full service plus super sealer wax), Gold Pack (like the Silver Pack but including a tire shine and under carriage cleaning), Platinum Pack (gold pack as well as triple foam), and VIP Pack (which is the platinum pack plus dashboard dressing, interior air pressure check, extra vacuum, and tire shine).

Our car detailing services in Bergen County, NJ, include shampooing the seats and carpets, thoroughly cleaning the interior, and three stages of cleaning the exterior: claying the car, using high-speed compound to remove scratches and then waxing the vehicle as well.

We have an affordable car wash menu, ranging from full service to VIP, so that you can get the perfect Bergen County, NJ car detailing without over-spending. For more information, visit us today, and let our friendly staff help you out!