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Our car wash company covers all the bases when it comes to keeping your car clean and in good condition. We put a premium on customer satisfaction and always strive to provide quality car care for any of the services you choose. One of the best ways to keep your automobile looking its best is with a sealer car wax in Bergen County, NJ.

When the interior of your car is fine but the exterior can use some work, a sealer wax is a great choice. We offer sealer wax in several of our car wash packages, and also feature sealer wax in our a la carte menu and in our Exterior Value Package # 1.

How can you tell if your car needs a wax? You can first take a dry cloth to the hood of your car and listen for squeaky noises. Or, just use your hands to feel the roof of the car and determine if there are any rough spots or patches that drag. Any of these signs means its time to get a car wax in Bergen County, NJ.

Some benefits of getting a car wax in Bergen County include:

  • automobile stays clean and shiny
  • protects paint from scrapes and harmful chemicals
  • seals out moisture, so corrosion will be staved off
  • increases the resale value

We have an extensive yet affordable car wash menu, and many different car wax package options so that you can get the perfect Bergen County, NJ car wax without over-spending. For more information, visit us today, and let our friendly staff help you out!